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About Company


The company's traditional activities include the development, manufacture, marketing and maintenance of all types of lubricants, and advising their users with regard to their correct use.



The marketing of Olmina lubricants is directed towards the markets of south-east Europe. With quality products and professional services we guarantee the complete supply of our lubricant users and create the contentedness of our partners with mutual development.  



In the future we will increase our market share in all markets in which we are present. We will invest in technical maintenance and development. We wish to become the leading manufacturer in the field of cooling lubricant agents in south-east Europe. We will strategically connect with selected providers, distributors and users for mutual appearances in these markets, continuing extensive development and intensively upgrading our network of distributors and technical services for the full provision of our users. Our attention will be most focused on commercial – technical services, which represents additional value for our users.


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